Basic Concept of IATF 16949:2016

Basic Concept of IATF 16949:2016

What is IATF?

 - IATF is International Automotive Task Force. It is group of automotive manufacturers and automotive trade associations.

 - IATF-16949 is Automotive QMS standard. QMS stand here "Quality management System Standard".

 - This Automotive QMS "IATF-16949" define fundamental quality management system Requirement for automotive production along with automotive customer specific requirement.

 - Here IATF required QMS system for automotive production, that mean it will be applicable for those industries which are making components for Automobile manufacturer. Also applicable for Automobile companies (OEMs) by default.

 - Note:- IATF-16949 is also related to ISO-9001:2015 & ISO-9000:2015, basically this QMS standard can not be considered a stand alone QMS standard but has to be comprehended as supplement to and used in conjunction with ISO 9001:2015. It complete ISO 9001 standard after conjunction.

Basic Concept of IATF 16949:2016


What is ISO 9001:2015 audit and What is IATF-16949 audit?

 - If we do ISO 9001:2015 audit at any industry, we are not doing audit of ISO 9001:2015, but also do IATF-16949 by default. So ISO 9001:2015 will cover audit points of IATF-16949.

 - ISO 9001:2015 audit is done for automobile manufacturer (OEMs-like Tata Motors, Mahindra India, McDonalds's etc.) as well as for manufacturing & service companies (either automotive component or non-automotive product).

 - But IATF 16949 is only applicable for those industries which are making Automobile component.

ISO/TS 16949:-

 - It was developed in 1999 by IATF, aim was to harmonizing different assessment & certification system worldwide in supply chain for auto sectors. To bring continuous improvement by developing a QMS system (that time it was ISO/TS-16949).

 - It was prepared by IATF and technical committee of ISO for development of QMS standard. ISO/TS 16949 introduce a common set of technique & methods for common products and process development for automotive manufacturing worldwide.

 - The need of ISO/TS 16949 was developed when many suppliers were asked by car manufacturer to build and certified their own quality management system as per rule and regulation of their own country organization, like VDA was in Germany and ISO was in USA, so Daimler company made car in two countries- Germany and USA, so supplier in USA follow their QS 9000 standard and supplier in Germany will follow VDA6.3, rather supply is going for single company.

 - So single company faced two different QMS standard. Same in Asia also Japanese auto maker followed their own standard. So to reduce these complexity harmonized standard required, so ISO/TS-16949 was developed.

Why ISO/TS 16949 was replaced by IATF-16949?

 - ISO/TS 16949 was single standard but differently followed by different countries. So it was analyzed there should be single standard which will be applicable for all automotive manufacturer worldwide.

 - In ISO/TS 16949, there were group of 5 trade associates VDA-Germany, AIAG-USA, AVSQ-Italy, FIEV-France and SMMT-UK. Here JAMA is an exception. There were no group of automobile manufacturer in ISO/TS-16949.

 - Now IATF-16949 has group of more than 12 Automobile maker. This group will increase in future.

IATF-16949 Aim/Goals

 - Aim is same as ISO/TS-16949, to develop automotive QMS which will do continuous improvement, emphasis defect prevention and reduce variation and waste throughout the supply chain.

 - Here 4 words has used all come under lean manufacturing.

 - Certification take place on the basis of certificate issue by IATF and this certificate is confirmed by certified IATF auditor (3rd party auditor) of IATF recognized certification body.

List of IATF certification bodies:

1. TÜV Rhineland (Germany)

2. BSI Group (UK)

3. Bureau Veritas (France)

4. DNV GL (Norway)

5. DQS (Germany)

6. EAGLE Certification Group (USA)


8. Indian Register Quality Systems

9. LRQA (UK)

10. SAI Global (Australia)

11. SGS S.A. (Switzerland)

12. TÜV NORD (Germany)

13. TÜV SÜD (Germany)

14. United Registrar of Systems (UK)

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