How cover letter can help you to get job?


How cover letter can help you to get job?

 - Generally for any job opening position we apply with resume and cover letter, but mostly (around 85%) we follow resume to apply. e kalyan

 - Sometime question arise how we can apply with cover letter? what should we written in that letter? So generally we write cover for considering our standing for opening position, and to request hiring manager for job interview for that position.

 - Yes resume has also same purpose. But there is slight difference between resume and Cover letter.

 - Resume is brief description about you; it contains your address, personal details, family details, your experience, your skills and knowledge, your education, your interest and hobbies, you responsibilities and future expectations and more. So it could be 2 page or 3 page bio data, depend your experience and work.

 - While cover letter is short description about you. It contains your address and company, your current position and your expertise and exposure. So it is always 1 page only.

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How cover letter help to get job?

 - It is becoming very difficult to get jobs in this competitive world. Understand that getting a job interview proposal is like getting a 50% job. So to attract the attention of the recruiter, we have to make our job request letter very attractive.

 - The employer has a lot of offers, out of which it is difficult to call them all, so he only calls the best candidate. Best candidate explains his perfect introduction in fewer words. So the cover letter is also a short bio data which has an effective introduction in fewer words.

 - Generally, people give their cover letter for a big post in a good company. There is also confusion about whether to send a resume or cover letter first, or first we send the cover letter and then the resume.

 - So you can apply by anyone, whether it is cover letter or resume. Most of the people received interview call from cover letter then after that go to interview with a resume.

 - So you can also follow this procedure, grab interview call with cover letter and then attend interview with Perfect resume.

What is a cover letter?

 - Basically cover letter is like resume, short description of yours exposures. As we apply for any job with resume, same thing is with cover letter.

 - It is possibility hiring company could ignore your resume, but will proceed with cover letter. So you have to give good time & effort to write effective cover letter also.

 - So cover letter is like reviewing document, which include your detailed information (Apart from Resume) which explain your abilities and your quality, ultimately that document should attract employer attention to call you for interview. 

 - So employer decide your interview on the basis of cover letter, later he will review your resume.

Types of cover letter:-

Application letter- only use to apply for known jobs

Prospecting letter- Use to inquiry for possible job opening

Networking letter- Letter use for job searching (fresher)

 - So I would like to say, if you’re professional, go for application letter & Prospecting letter. If you are fresher or new in career you should go with prospecting letter & networking letter.

 - If you know any job opening in any company, you will write application letter. But if you don’t know, and want to join your dream company, you will write prospecting cover letter.

How cover letter is different from Resume?

 - Well resume could be 2 or 3 page detailed information, which will cover your working experiences, your academics details, achievements, skills and knowledge and personal details. 

 - So when we write resume we include these details and it became tough to compress all details in 1 paper. If we do this, then resume become ignorable.

 - While Cover letter is single page description. You have to write in such a way that your entire information reflects on that paper. Effective cover letters explain the reasons for your interest in the specific organization and identify your most relevant skills or experiences.

What to include in cover letter?

 - So before writing cover letter you have to list-out all skills abilities which you will include in your letter.

 - Along with this, you have to also keep in mind you don’t have to write about personal details, family details, salary and expectation in cover, if you write, they will not consider it as I have said it is it very short and professional letter.

 - For every cover letter, you have to well customize it. Following are mostly used points in cover letter:-

1. Job position (For which job position you are applying)

2. Your exposure, key ability and knowledge

3. Specific explanation, why you want to join this company

4. Thank you line

 - Every cover letter is customize in format of header, your contact information, Salutation [Dear Sir/Madam-Dear Hiring manager- Try to avoid write To Whom It May Concern] , Introduction (About job position), Body closing and signature.

How to write a cover letter?

 - When it comes to writing a perfect cover letter, job seekers tend to have many questions. What should I put in my cover letter? How exactly should I say it? How much detail should I include?

cover letter structure

Step 1: Put your contact details 

 - You have to add following contact details in your header.

Your Name & Last name

Your Email Id

Your Number

Your address

Your website or LinkedIn profile

After the contact details, give space of two lines, the write-


Company Name

Company Address and Phone Number

Step 2:- Salutation and Intro-Address the Hiring Manager

 - Make a great first impression by addressing your cover letter to a real person using their name. Do not write “Dear Sir/ Madam” or “to whom it may concern”.

 - You can write with following salutations:-

Dear Tushar Roy

Dear Mr. Roy

Dear Hiring Manager

sample of cover letter

 - Greet the hiring manager by name, then grab their attention by highlighting your relevant area of expertise, why the position appeal to you, and how you had be a great fit for the role.

Here is example:-

“Dear Hiring Manager

I am writing to apply for the position of engineering opening at Tata Motors Ltd. I have more than three years of experience in design and development. And my professional expertise aligns closely with the responsibilities outlined in your job applications.”

 - So you have solitude the hiring manager as well as hook the hiring manager with strong introduction. In that intro you have highlighted following:-

Job position-For which you are applying

Company Name- For the company you are applying

Intention to apply- An announcement to manager- that you are applying for that position for which you better fit

 - You can add more words in the paragraph written after salutation to hiring manager. 

Like-“It’s been a long term dream of mine to become a Design Engineer for your company, which is why I’m so excited to apply for this open position.”

Step-3:- Body Paragraph

 - Here you have to prove you are perfect candidate for this Job. Explain how you help the company to achieve its goals, showcasing your relevant experience, education and skills. Express your excitement to join the company and start doing excellent work.

 - You can write all mention details of Step-4 in up to 2 paragraphs.

 - In my role as an Engineer for Tata Motors Ltd, I prove to be an efficient, enthusiastic, and strong team member. My value quickly became apparent to company management after I individually handle the projects of company. My design and development skills in advance design software will be more helpful to finish the project on time without any quality issue.

 - I believe Tata Motors ltd will be a great success for many years to come, and my extensive expertise will help ensure your establishment succeeds well into the future. My time spent in current company has prepared me for such an opportunity, and I sincerely hope I can contribute soon as a member of your company.

 - So in step 4 of cover letter, you have written your interest and excitement to join the company.

Step-4:- Call to Action Paragraph

 - In this step of cover letter you have to tell the hiring manager to send you invitation to attain a job interview. This will be your closing paragraph. Here you will add following points:-

Thank the hiring manager for reviewing your Cover letter

Politely ask them to send you an invitation to interview

 - It will be a privilege to discuss your opening position of Engineer in more details. I am happy to come by whenever it’s most convenient for you. Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

 - You can also finish like this:-

Thank you for spending time reviewing my application. I deeply believe that my skills and qualifications make me an ideal candidate for the Engineer position at Tata Motors Ltd. I’m extremely motivated to join your organization, and look forward to discussing my candidacy in an interview.

 - While writing remember you don’t have to force the hiring manager for interview. In your writing you have act like you deserve an invitation.

Step-5:- Sign Off 

 - You have to sign off with a professional closing salutation. Add two line only, first-Salutation line and second- Your Name.

 - For first line of salutation you can add- Sincerely, Regards, Best regards, Kind regards, Thank You and respectfully. And then end by your name.

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