Check Sheet in 7 QC Tools

Checksheet in 7QC Tools

Check Sheet in 7 QC Tools

 - A check sheet is a simple and powerful tool for data collection. It is used to compile and record data from existing observations or historical data.

 - Quantitative and qualitative data also collected in check sheet.

Function of check sheet:

 - To quantify defects by type

 - To quantify defects by location

 - To quantify defects by cause (Machine, Man, Method, Materials)

All quality tools fall into 5 categories

 - Collecting data,

 - Understanding data,

 - Understanding process,

 - Analyzing process,

 - Solving problem,

Steps for making Check Sheet

 1) Define event and data.

 2) Determine 5W and 1H.

 3) Construction of Check Sheet.

 4) Testing.

 5) Final approval for use.

Step 1: Define event and data

 - Define what information is needed and from which location?

Step 2: Determine 5W and 1H

 - Why is the data needed?

 - What type of data collection required?

 - From Where the data should be collected?

 - Who collect the data?

 - When will collect the data?

 - How the data should be measured?

Step 3: Construction of Check Sheet

Check Sheet has 3 types of information.

1) Title

2) Source
 - Problem statement/ Name of project.
 - Location of data collection.
 - Date and time.
 - Name of person who collect the data.

3)Content Information
 - Column/Row with title.
 - Column/Row to record the data.
 - Column/Row to record total.

Step 4: Testing

 - Test the sheet with at least 3 different appraiser.

 - Column/Rows are relevant and required.

 - Check that sheet is easy to record and use.

 - Make changes based on feedback from appraiser.

Step 5: Final approval for use

 - Explain the use of sheet to data collector.

 - Train the people if the don't understand the use of sheet.

 - After collecting data standardize it's use to assure consistency.


 - In this example, we have mentioned the shop 1 defect for different types of product and at the end total defects to take appropriate action to eliminate those. It is also called data collection sheet.
Collection sheet

 - In this example, we have counted the frequency of various defects in ongoing production at the time of checking the component. It is also called as Tally sheet or Tally mark.

Tally mark

 - In this example, We have identified the location of defect in product. it is also called as Location plot or Concentration plot.

Location plot

Benefits of Check Sheet:

 - By using Check Sheet we can make data collection simple, systematic and effective. 

 - We can save time and easily collect data in regular manufacturing process.

 - It is used for monitoring process performance

 - It is helpful for traceability also.

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